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The Arma Cine OCU-1 & RIA-1 Bracket allows you to combine the OCU-1 & RIA-1 into a handheld set up creating a wireless single axis controller that fully integrates into the current Arri ECS lineup. The benefits of using this set up over an SXU-1 are an increase in range, Lens data to the handset and 3 assignable user buttons. You are also able to connect other LBUS devices into this set up to create a multi Axis controller, using something like the CMotion Panbar Zoom or Cmotion Steady zoom to create a wireless zoom controller with iris control as well. 


The Bracket is designed to be modular to allow separation of the OCU-1 from the RIA-1. This design allows you to hard mount the OCU to the front face of a monitor so all your DOP needs to see is an Iris readout with a control next to their monitor. The other benefit of this is for DITs where you are able to have the OCU-1 on the cart and have your RIA-1 at the top of a stand to increase the range of the unit. 


The kit includes all the pieces needed to mount it on to any monitor. The monitor mount Is adaptable so you can switch to SmallHD locating pins (in 2 different orientations) or to a standard 1/4" to fit any mount.


The kit is also provided with a custom 12v Regulated NPF plate, which terminates into an adjustable right angle LBUS style connector. 

RIA-1 & OCU-1 Bracket

Excluding VAT
  • 1x RIA-1 L-Bracket

    1x OCU-1 Mounting Plate

    1x Top Accessory Plate

    1x Monitor Mount Adapter w/ SmallHD Reversible Biscotti

    1x NPF 12v LBUS Battery Plate

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