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Introducing The Orbital... A clip on Matte box solution that enables cinematographers to use the LMB-25, LMB 4x5, Bright Tangerine Misfit, Misfit Atom and any other clip on Matte Box with vintage anamorphics where the front element rotates and telescopes. 


The patent pending technology uses high precision liner and radial bearings to counteract the rotation and telescoping that occurs whilst focusing. Orbital makes using vintage anamorphic's quick and simple. No more long turn arounds whilst swinging lenses. No more moving motors or taping filters... Using vintage anamorphic  glass no longer needs to be painful, especially for your AC!


The Orbital is a non destructive, simple retrofit that clamps directly onto the front your lens in a similar way to a matte box. No need to modify your lens in any way... or send it in to be fitted.

Its modular assembly makes it easy for anyone to install. 

Each kit consist of 4 bearings that you attach and leave on the front of the lens resulting in a standard 125mm outer diameter for the 50, 75 and 100mm and 143mm OD for the 35mm.


We can also provide a stepping ring from 143-125 if you prefer to just use one back on your matte box, effectively making all the lenses the same size outer diameter. 


No one likes a back lit filter....Each bearing is completely lightproof and uses G10 high grade ceramic balls to eliminate the need for grease being anywhere near your optics. The bearing is made from 316 Stainless steel that can be left untreated or we hot black oxide the bearing leaving it matte black, avoiding any reflections from the lens


Each set is slightly different depending on what is needed. The HAWK C-Series set comprises of 4 radial bearings, 4 linear bearings (modified to a 15mm bar system - making it universal for focus motors and accessories) and 4 collars.

The Lomo set has the addition of 4 gear modules that offset the focus gear back, away from the front of the lens. These come supplied with a standard Lomo focus scale for each lens, however we can also provide custom laser engraved focus scales unique for your own lenses as these can slip over time. 

Just let us know and we will send you a scale to mark and send back before shipping your kit.

Each Lomo set also comes with 3 new sleeves for the 50, 75 and 100 that can also be custom engraved, giving your Lomos a new look without the cost of a rehouse. 

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